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My Favorite Songs
Название: My Favorite Songs
Исполнитель: Сборник
Год: 2021
Жанр: Rock, Metal
Продолжительность: 01:20:06:48
Формат/Кодек: FLAC
Битрейт аудио: lossless


(Everything I Do) I Do It For You (1991) Bryan Adams
8th Commandment (1999) Sonata Arctica
25 Years (2006) Blackmore's Night
A Cowboys Work Is Never Done (1972) Sonny & Cher
A Quest for the Crown (2001) Falconer
A Tale That Wasn't Right (1987) Helloween
Abandoned (2005) Kamelot
About Time (2017) Horisont
Addicted to Pain (2013) Alter Bridge
Adoration (2005) Mortal Love
After Dark (1997) Tito & Tarantula
After This War (2005) Masterplan
All I Need (2007) Within Temptation
All Is One (2013) Orphaned Land
All Men Play on 10 (1984) Manowar
All Nightmare Long (2008) Metallica
All This Time (1995) Rage
All You Need to Know (feat. Michael Kiske) (2010) Gamma Ray
Alone (2001) Amorphis
Always Somewhere (1979) Scorpions
Amamos La Vida (1993) Accept
Amaranth (2007) Nightwish
Amongst Stars (2018) Amorphis
Angels (2004) Within Temptation
Angie (1973) The Rolling Stones
Animals (1984) Manowar
Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 (1979) Pink Floyd
Apache (1960) The Shadows
Apologize (2017) One Desire
Arclight (2009) Deathstars
Ariel (1995) Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
As Guilty As You (2006) Pretty Maids
Asche zu Asche (1995) Rammstein
Ashes (2001) Ambeon
Astronomy (Blue Öyster Cult cover) (1998) Metallica
Atlas, Rise! (2016) Metallica
Autophobia (2014) Stream of Passion
Azrael (1998) U.D.O.
Back for My Life (2005) Masterplan
Back in Black (1980) AC/DC
Bad Medicine (1988) Bon Jovi
Ballroom Blitz (1975) The Sweet
Balls to the Wall (1983) Accept
Bamboleo (1988) Gipsy Kings
Bang (1989) Gorky Park
Bang Bang Bang (2013) The Virginmarys
Bang, Bang (1966) Nancy Sinatra
Battle Hymn (1982) Manowar
Battlefield (2002) Blind Guardian
Beautiful Lies (2016) Beyond the Black
Beggin' (1974) Shocking Blue
Behind Blue Eyes (2003) Limp Bizkit
Believe in Love (1988) Scorpions
Believer (2016) Myrath
Belladonna (1976) UFO
Black Flowers (1998) Chris Isaak
Black in Mind (1995) Rage
Black Sheep (2001) Sonata Arctica
Blackbird (2007) Alter Bridge
Blackout (1982) Scorpions
Blitzkrieg Boom (2006) Deathstars
Blood Brothers (2000) Iron Maiden
Blood Religion (2005) Gamma Ray
Blood Tears (1998) Blind Guardian
Blue Hotel (1987) Chris Isaak
Blue Jean Blues (1975) ZZ Top
Blue on Black (2018) Five Finger Death Punch
Blut im Auge (2008) Equilibrium
Bohemian Rhapsody (1975) Queen
Born To Be Wild (1967) Steppenwolf
Born to Touch Your Feelings (1977) Scorpions
Boulevard of Broken Dreams (2004) Green Day
Braving the Seas (2011) Myrath
Breadfan (1973) Budgie
Bright Eyes (1995) Blind Guardian
Bring Heavy Rock to the Land (2012) Jorn
Bring Me to Life (2003) Evanescence
Broken (2003) Sonata Arctica
Broken Heart (1991) White Lion
Broken Wings (2014) Sinbreed
Brothers in Arms (1985) Dire Straits
Bulletproof (2018) Godsmack
Bye Bye Beautiful (2007) Nightwish
California Dreamin' (1965) The Mamas & The Papas
Call to Arms (2002) Manowar
Can't Help Falling In Love (1961) Elvis Presley
Carnival of Disgust (2008) Falconer
Carry On (1987) Manowar
Carry On My Wayward Son (1977) Kansas
Carved in Stone (2008) Rage
Catch the Rainbow (1975) Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
Catch the Shadows (2006) Falconer
Cathy's Clown (1960) The Everly Brothers
Center of the Universe (2003) Kamelot
Child in Time (1970) Deep Purple
Coast to Coast (1979) Scorpions
Comatose (2008) Ayreon
Comfortably Numb (1979) Pink Floyd
Coming Home (2016) Pain
Consequences (1998) Iced Earth
Cradle to the Grave (2016) Alter Bridge
Crestfallen (2010) Avantasia
Crimson King (2005) Demons & Wizards
Crossroads (1996) Accept
Cry Soldier Cry (2005) U.D.O.
Cry Thunder (2012) DragonForce
Crystal Night (2003) Masterplan
Curse My Name (2010) Blind Guardian
Curse of the Werewolf (2005) Timeless Miracle
Cyanide (2008) Metallica
Daddy's Girl (1993) Scorpions
Daemon Lover (1970) Shocking Blue
Dance Macabre (2018) Ghost
Dark Sides (2017) Horisont
Darkness and Frost (2012) Wintersun
Day Seven: Hope (2004) Ayreon
Day Sixteen: Loser (2004) Ayreon
Deal With the Devil (2005) Judas Priest
Death and the Healing (2004) Wintersun
Death Dies Hard (2009) Deathstars
Death Is Just a Feeling (2010) Avantasia
Death of a King (2015) Amorphis
Deep in the Dark (2014) Persuader
Der ewige Sieg (2010) Equilibrium
Devil's Rendezvous (2009) U.D.O.
Die by the Sword (2012) DragonForce
Doctor Doctor (1974) UFO
Don't Say Goodbye (2004) Axel Rudi Pell
Don't Speak (1995) No Doubt
Don't You Cry (2001) Kamelot
Down (2002) Rage
Down to the Gallows (2005) Timeless Miracle
Dr. Stein (1988) Helloween
Dragon on the Sea (2000) Ayreon
Dream On (1973) Aerosmith
Dreamer (2001) Ozzy Osbourne
Drive (2016) Joe Bonamassa
Dust In The Wind (1977) Kansas
Eagle Fly Free (1988) Helloween
Electric Eye (1982) Judas Priest
Electrical (2017) Horisont
Emotional Skies (2005) Falconer
Empty Hollow (Part 1: Empty Hollow) (2010) Rage
Enter Sandman (1991) Metallica
Europa (2014) Machinae Supremacy
Eva (2007) Nightwish
Eye to Eye (1999) Scorpions
Eyes of Time (1995) Ayreon
Faceless World (1990) U.D.O.
Fade to Black (1984) Metallica
Familiar Taste of Poison (2009) Halestorm
Far From Any Road (2003) The Handsome Family
Farewell (2001) Avantasia
Faster (2011) Within Temptation
Feel My Pain (2012) Rage
Fiddler on the Green (1999) Demons & Wizards
Fly (2006) Blind Guardian
Follow Me (feat. Anette Olzon) (2008) Pain
For Whom the Bell Tolls (1984) Metallica
Forever and One (Neverland) (1996) Helloween
Forgiven (2007) Within Temptation
Free Bird (1973) Lynyrd Skynyrd
From the Heaven of My Heart (2009) Amorphis
From the Pinnacle to the Pit (2015) Ghost
Frühling in Paris (2009) Rammstein
Fuel (1997) Metallica
FullMoon (1999) Sonata Arctica
Fury of the Storm (2004) DragonForce
Future World (1987) Helloween
Gates of Babylon (1978) Rainbow
Ghost Opera (2007) Kamelot
Girl (1965) The Beatles
Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon (1992) Urge Overkill
God Is Dead (2013) Black Sabbath
Going Under (2003) Evanescence
Goodnight Moon (1999) Shivaree
Guyana (Cult of the Damned) (1984) Manowar
Gyongyhaju Lany (1970) Omega
Gypsy Caravan (2016) Wolfmother
Hangar 18 (1990) Megadeth
Have a Drink on Me (2008) Pain
Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman (1996) Bryan Adams
He Is (2015) Ghost
Hear Me Pray (2003) Falconer
Heart of Gold (1990) U.D.O.
Heart of Gold (2003) Johnny Cash
Heart of Steel (1988) Manowar
Heaven's Hung in Black (2007) W.A.S.P.
Hell Patrol (1990) Judas Priest
Hello (2003) Evanescence
Here's to Us (2012) Halestorm
Here Is The News (1981) Electric Light Orchestra
High Hopes (1994) Pink Floyd
Highway Star (1972) Deep Purple
Highway To Hell (1979) AC/DC
Hijo de la Luna (2008) Haggard
Hit The Road Jack (1961) Ray Charles
Holiday (1979) Scorpions
Hollow (1992) Pantera
Holy Diver (1983) Dio
Hotel California (1976) Eagles
House of Sleep (2006) Amorphis
Humanity (2007) Scorpions
Hunter's Season (2010) Kamelot
Hunting Humans (Insatiable) (1995) Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
Hurt (2003) Johnny Cash
I'm Going In (2008) Pain
I'm Gonna Win (2007) Masterplan
I'm Not Afraid (2005) Masterplan
I'm Not an Angel (2009) Halestorm
I Came to Rock (2012) Jorn
I Don't Wanna Stop (2007) Ozzy Osbourne
I Give As Good As I Get (2011) U.D.O.
I Go Insane (2005) Iommi
I Have a Right (2012) Sonata Arctica
I Just Want You (1995) Ozzy Osbourne
I Walk Alone (Tarja cover) (2009) Jorn
I Want Out (1988) Helloween
Ich tu dir weh (2009) Rammstein
If I Could Fly (2000) Helloween
Imagine (1971) John Lennon
Immortal (2000) Helloween
In the End (2009) Stream of Passion
In the Middle of a Heartbeat (1994) Helloween
In the Middle of the Night (2011) Within Temptation
In Trance (1975) Scorpions
Infinity (2013) Pretty Maids
Inis Mona (2008) Eluveitie
Inside the Winter Storm (2008) DragonForce
Iron (2011) Within Temptation
Iron Man (1970) Black Sabbath
Is There Anybody There (1979) Scorpions
It's A Man's Man's Man's World (1966) James Brown
It's My Life (2000) Bon Jovi
Joker & the Thief (2005) Wolfmother
Jolene (1974) Dolly Parton
Judas Rising (2005) Judas Priest
July Morning (1971) Uriah Heep
Just a Little (2001) Ark
Just Tonight (2010) The Pretty Reckless
Karma (2001) Kamelot
Kashmir (1975) Led Zeppelin
Keep On Swinging (2012) Rival Sons
Kill It (2007) Helloween
Kill the King (Rainbow cover) (2010) Jorn
Kill the Pain (2010) Accept
Kiss the Go-Goat (2019) Ghost
Lady of the Valley (1987) White Lion
Lalena (Donovan cover) (1969) Deep Purple
Landscape Dreams (1988) Oliver Serano
Laser Speed Force (2012) Machinae Supremacy
Last Drop Falls (2001) Sonata Arctica
Last of the Wilds (2007) Nightwish
Layla (1970) Derek and The Dominos
Lemon Tree (1995) Fool's Garden
Let It Die (2010) Ozzy Osbourne
Let Me Out (2011) Pain
Let the Truce Be Known (2013) Orphaned Land
Letter to Dana (1999) Sonata Arctica
Life's Like a River (1975) Scorpions
Life Will Go On (2002) Chris Isaak
Light the Universe (2005) Helloween
Like Orpheus (with Hansi Kürsch) (2018) Orphaned Land
Liquid Eternity (2008) Ayreon
Lithium (2006) Evanescence
Little Drops of Heaven (2010) Pretty Maids
Lonely Boy (2011) The Black Keys
Lonely Nights (1993) Scorpions
Lonely Winds of War (2010) Masterplan
Long And Lonesome Road (1970) Shocking Blue
Long Gone By (2006) Falconer
Lord of the Flies (2008) Rage
Lorelei (2010) Scorpions
Losing My Religion (1991) R.E.M.
Lost & Damned (2003) Kamelot
Lost Message (2001) Ambeon
Love Bites (So Do I) (2012) Halestorm
M.I.N.E (End This Way) (2013) Five Finger Death Punch
Madame Butterfly (Giacomo Puccini) (2016) Wolf Hoffmann
Make It Real (1980) Scorpions
Mama Said (1996) Metallica
Mama, I'm Coming Home (1991) Ozzy Osbourne
Man and Machine (2002) U.D.O.
Man of the Dark (2008) Jorn
March of Mephisto (2005) Kamelot
Masquerade Ball (2015) Jorn Lande & Trond Holter
Maybe I Believe (2019) Volbeat
Maybe I Maybe You (2004) Scorpions
Meadows of Heaven (2007) Nightwish
Mean Streak (1983) Y & T
Mein Herz brennt (2001) Rammstein
Memories (2004) Within Temptation
Memories (2005) Timeless Miracle
Merciless Times (2011) Myrath
Met (2005) Equilibrium
Metal Church (1984) Metal Church
Metal Heart (1985) Accept
Metal Warriors (1992) Manowar
Mindtraveller (2001) Falconer
Mirror Mirror (1998) Blind Guardian
Mission (2013) Amorphis
Mistreated (1989) Accept
Money (1973) Pink Floyd
Moonlight (2005) Kamelot
Mordred's Song (1995) Blind Guardian
Morphogenesis (2008) Scar Symmetry
Moscow Calling (1992) Gorky Park
Moskau (2004) Rammstein
Mr. Crowley (1980) Ozzy Osbourne
Mutter (2001) Rammstein
My Immortal (2003) Evanescence
Mz. Hyde (2012) Halestorm
Never Married A Railroad Man (1971) Shocking Blue
Never Too Late (2012) Unisonic
New Day Rising (2015) Von Hertzen Brothers
Newborn Tomorrow (2010) Sinbreed
Night Crawler (1990) Judas Priest
Night of the Demon (1981) Demon
Nights In White Satin (1972) The Moody Blues
No Dream Can Heal a Broken Heart (2009) Sonata Arctica
No Leaf Clover (1999) Metallica
No One Like You (1982) Scorpions
No Second Chance (1997) Blackmore's Night
Nobody's Fool (1986) Cinderella
Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns) (1998) Blind Guardian
Nostradamus (2008) Judas Priest
Nothing Else Matters (1991) Metallica
O, Tysta Ensamhet (2011) Falconer
Oh, Pretty Woman (1964) Roy Orbison & The Candy Men
Ohne dich (2004) Rammstein
On Rich and Poor (2010) Amorphis
One (1988) Metallica
One Last Soul (2010) Black Country Communion
Our Loved Ones (2013) Volbeat
Paid in Full (2007) Sonata Arctica
Painkiller (1990) Judas Priest
Paint It, Black (1966) The Rolling Stones
Pale (2004) Within Temptation
Pandemonium (2010) Pretty Maids
Paranoid (1970) Black Sabbath
People Are Strange (1967) The Doors
Perfect Gentleman (1994) Helloween
Perfect Strangers (1984) Deep Purple
Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple cover) (2007) Jorn
Perry Mason (1995) Ozzy Osbourne
Poison (1989) Alice Cooper
Polygon of Eyes (2013) Scorpion Child
Por Que Te Vas (1974) Jeanette Dimech
Portals of Light (2002) Falconer
Pour Some Sugar on Me (1987) Def Leppard
Pussy (2009) Rammstein
Put Your Lights On (1999) Everlast & Santana
R.S - Knights (2006) Persuader
Radio (2019) Rammstein
Radioactive (Imagine Dragons cover) (2013) Within Temptation
Rain & Tears (1970) Aphrodite's Child
Rainbow in the Dark (1983) Dio
Rammlied (2009) Rammstein
Rats (2018) Ghost
Real World (2007) Gamma Ray
Reanimator (March of the Undead III) (2006) Machinae Supremacy
Reckless (2019) Lacuna Coil
Replica (1999) Sonata Arctica
Rhythm of Love (1988) Scorpions
Ride the Comet (2008) Ayreon
River of Time (2008) Ayreon
Rock Show (2012) Halestorm
Rock You Like a Hurricane (1984) Scorpions
Rocket Dragon (2010) Machinae Supremacy
Roots (2017) In This Moment
Rosenrot (2005) Rammstein
Ruf in den Wind (2008) Equilibrium
Runaway (2020) Horisont
Runaway Train (1992) Soul Asylum
Runnin' Wild (2007) Airbourne
Sacred Worlds (2010) Blind Guardian
Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife) (2012) Kamelot
Sad but True (1991) Metallica
Sail Away to Avalon (1995) Ayreon
Same Old Song (2005) Pain
Satan Is Real (2017) Kreator
Scarborough Fair (1969) Brainbox
Sealed With A Kiss (1989) Jason Donovan
Self vs. Self (feat. In Flames) (2010) Pendulum
Send Me an Angel (1990) Scorpions
Serpentine (2019) Pretty Maids
Serpents in Paradise (2001) Avantasia
Set This World on Fire (2002) Rage
Seven Nation Army (2003) The White Stripes
Shadow of the Moon (1997) Blackmore's Night
Shadow Soldiers (2012) Accept
Shape Of My Heart (1993) Sting
Shout It Out (1999) U.D.O.
Shut Your Mouth (2002) Pain
Shy (2003) Sonata Arctica
Silent Waters (2007) Amorphis
Silver Bride (2009) Amorphis
Skalds and Shadows (2006) Blind Guardian
Sleipnir (2007) Manowar
Smack My Bitch Up (1997) Prodigy
Smells Like Teen Spirit (1991) Nirvana
Smoke on the Water (1972) Deep Purple
Snowblind (1972) Black Sabbath
Soldier of Fortune (1974) Deep Purple
Some Other Time (The Alan Parsons Project cover) (2012) Arjen Anthony Lucassen
Somewhere (2004) Within Temptation
Songs of Love and Death (2015) Beyond the Black
Sonne (2001) Rammstein
Soon I Will Be Gone (1970) Free
Soul Society (2005) Kamelot
Sour Sigh (2011) Myrath
Spark (2011) Stream of Passion
Spellbound (2005) Stream of Passion
Spending My Time (1991) Roxette
Square Hammer (2015) Ghost
Stairway To Heaven (1971) Led Zeppelin
Stalingrad (2012) Accept
Steh auf (2019) Lindemann
Still Counting (2008) Volbeat
Still Got The Blues (1990) Gary Moore
Still Loving You (1984) Scorpions
Storytime (2011) Nightwish
Straight to Hell (2001) Rage
Stranded (2016) Gojira
Stranger (1992) Gorky Park
Suite Lingua Mortis (Part 5: No Regrets) (2006) Rage
Sultans of Swing (1978) Dire Straits
Summer Wine (2007) Ville Valo & Natalia Avelon
Sun 4 the World (2003) Helloween
Supermassive Black Hole (2006) Muse
Sweet Sixteen (1986) Billy Idol
Swords in the Wind (2002) Manowar
Symphony No. 40 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) (2016) Wolf Hoffmann
System of Life (1990) U.D.O.
Tainted Love (Gloria Jones cover) (2011) Scorpions
Take It to the Edge (2018) Godsmack
Tales of the Sands (2011) Myrath
Tallulah (2001) Sonata Arctica
Tears of a Clown (2007) U.D.O.
The Awareness (1995) Ayreon
The Ballad of John Henry (2009) Joe Bonamassa
The Bard's Song: In the Forest (1992) Blind Guardian
The Bee (2018) Amorphis
The Call of Ktulu (1984) Metallica
The Chance (1991) Helloween
The Day That Never Comes (2008) Metallica
The End Of The World (1963) Skeeter Davis
The Fighter (2014) In This Moment
The Great Pretender (2011) Pain
The Hand That Feeds (2005) Nine Inch Nails
The Haunting (Somewhere in Time) (2005) Kamelot
The Hive (2017) Horisont
The House Of The Rising Sun (1964) The Animals
The Iceman (2013) Pretty Maids
The Islander (2007) Nightwish
The King (1980) Accept
The Last DJ (2002) Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
The Last Song for My Resting Place (2017) Black Country Communion
The Lonesome Rider (2013) Volbeat
The Look (1988) Roxette
The Memory Remains (1997) Metallica
The Night Has Turned Cold (1989) Chris Norman
The Past Still Lives On (2001) Falconer
The Reckoning (2019) Within Temptation
The Return (2006) Persuader
The Road To Hell (Part II) (1989) Chris Rea
The Scorpion (2004) Megadeth
The Show Must Go On (1991) Queen
The Temple of the King (1975) Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
The Traveller (1980) Chris De Burgh
The Truth Is in Here (2008) Ayreon
The Unforgiven (1991) Metallica
The Unforgiven II (1997) Metallica
The Unforgiven III (2008) Metallica
The World I See (2012) Jorn
Theme From Jets'n'Guns (2004) Machinae Supremacy
Thunderstruck (1990) AC/DC
Ticket To The Moon (1981) Electric Light Orchestra
Time to Be King (2010) Masterplan
Tired (2012) Stone Sour
To the Quasar (2000) Ayreon
Tongues (2006) Deathstars
Tortured Spirit (2014) Pretty Maids
Trail of Broken Hearts (2006) DragonForce
Transgenic (2012) Machinae Supremacy
Traveller (2013) Jorn
Truth of Tomorrow (2008) Machinae Supremacy
Turn the Page (Bob Seger cover) (1998) Metallica
Twisted Eyes (2006) Persuader
Twisted Mind (2008) Avantasia
Two Candles (1993) Gorky Park
Unbesiegt (2008) Equilibrium
Under Siege (2011) Myrath
Under the Graveyard (2020) Ozzy Osbourne
Under Your Scars (2018) Godsmack
Unisonic (2012) Unisonic
UnOpened (1999) Sonata Arctica
Valhalla (1989) Blind Guardian
Valley of the Kings (1997) Gamma Ray
Valley of the Queens (1998) Ayreon
Vincent Price (2013) Deep Purple
Waidmanns Heil (2009) Rammstein
War of the World (2008) Jorn
Warrior (1994) Axel Rudi Pell
Warriors of the World United (2002) Manowar
Waterloo (1971) Shocking Blue
We Are Animals (1989) Nazareth
We Brought the Angels Down (2006) Jorn
We Will Rock You (1977) Queen
Web of Lies (2008) Ayreon
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (1986) Metallica
Welcome to the Machine (Pink Floyd cover) (2012) Arjen Anthony Lucassen
What Did You Do in the War, Dad (2014) Sonata Arctica
What Have You Done (2007) Within Temptation
What I've Done (2007) Linkin Park
What Love Can Be (1988) Kingdom Come
When Death Is Calling (2016) Nordic Union
When I Was a Boy (2015) Jeff Lynne's ELO
When Legends Rise (2018) Godsmack
When the Lights Are Down (2005) Kamelot
When Worlds Collide (2010) Sinbreed
Where The Wild Roses Grow (1996) Nick Cave & Kylie Minoque
Wherever I May Roam (1991) Metallica
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (1968) The Beatles
Whiskey in the Jar (Thin Lizzy cover) (1998) Metallica
Whole Lotta Love (1969) Led Zeppelin
Whole World Is Watching (feat. Dave Pirner) (2014) Within Temptation
Wicked Game (1989) Chris Isaak
Wide Shut (2011) Myrath
Wild World (1970) Cat Stevens
Wind of Change (1990) Scorpions
Windmill (1993) Helloween
Wings of Despair (2001) Kamelot
Winter Rains (1975) Demis Roussos
Wish I Had an Angel (2004) Nightwish
Wish You Were Here (1997) Blackmore's Night
Witches of Black Magic (2005) Timeless Miracle
With These Eyes (2014) Pretty Maids
Wolf to the Moon (1995) Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
Wonder Days (2015) Thunder
Wonderful Life (1987) Black
Working Class Hero (John Lennon cover) (2005) Ozzy Osbourne
World War Now (2017) Kreator
Writing on the Wall (2013) Horisont
Wrong Side of Heaven (2013) Five Finger Death Punch
Yellow Raven (1976) Scorpions
Yesterday (1965) The Beatles
You're Gonna Go Far, Kid (2008) The Offspring
You & Your Friend (1991) Dire Straits
You I Need (2011) Amorphis
You Know My Name (2007) Chris Cornell
You Make Me Feel (1986) Bonfire
You Only Live Twice (2011) Pain
Zion (2006) Persuader
Zombie (1994) The Cranberries

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