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VA - Dr. Metal Presents: Vol.9
Страна: All The World
Жанр: Heavy, Speed, Power Metal
Год выпуска: 2016
Формат: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 224 kbps
Продолжительность: 07:20:00


001-Freedom Call-Emerald Skies
003-Blind Guardian-Into The Storm
004-Civil War-Gladiator
005-Dungeon-Don't Leave Me
006-HammerFall-Dethrone And Defy
008-Hansen & Friends-Born Free
009-Icy Steel-Fire And Flames
011-Lordi-Down With The Devil
012-Manticora-Help Me Like No One Can
013-Rage-War Of Worlds
014-Seventh Avenue-Futures Dawn
015-Tankwart-Dschinghis Khan
016-Titanium-Defusive Skies
017-Valerian-My Everlasting
018-Wings of Destiny-Lie To Me
020-Burning Point-Master Them All
021-Centvrion-Eye For An Eye
022-Crystal Eyes-Northern Rage
023-Embodied-Battle Of The Mind
025-Gamma Ray-As Time Goes By
026-HammerFall-Hammer High
027-Hansen & Friends-Contract Song
028-Jorn-Kill the King (Rainbow Cover)
029-Narnia-Reaching For The Top
030-Primal Fear-Metal Nation
031-Rhapsody-Holy Thunderforce (Alternate Version)
032-Rising Steel-People of the moon
033-Sabaton-Rorke's Drift
034-Serious Black-As Long As I'm Alive
035-Them-Blood From Blood
036-Timeless Miracle-Witches of Black Magic
039-Blind Guardian-Mirror Mirror
040-Celesty-Fading Away
041-Civil War-Road To Victory
042-Darklight-Everything you Want
044-Dungeon-Fire of Time
045-EdGuy-Sacred Hell
0046-Freedom Call-Masters Of Light
047-Hammerschmitt-Rock Steady
048-Lonewolf-Rise To Victory
049-Lordi-Let's Go Slaughter He-Man
050-Running Wild-The Phantom Of Black Hand Hill
051-Skintilla-King Of Kings
052-Titanium-Atomic Number 22
053-Titans Eve-Judgement
054-Wings of Destiny-Touch The Sky
055-Winterstorm-Effects Of Being
056-JBO-Im Verkehr
057-Neuronspoiler-Through Hell We March
058-Attick Demons-Lets Raise Hell
059-Centvrion-The Legionary
060-Crystal Ball-Without A Net
061-Domine-Tempest Calling
063-Gamma Ray-Rich and Famous
064-HammerFall-The Sacred Vow
065-Hansen & Friends-Enemies Of Fun
066-Heavens Gate-Tyrants
067-Lost Horizon-Sworn In The Metal Wind
068-Nocturnal Rites-New World Messiah
069-Primal Fear-Riding The Eagle
070-Rising Steel-Rising steel
071-Sabaton-The Last Battle
072-Sacred Steel-Let There Be Steel
073-Sonata Arctica-Rise A Night
074-Them-Dead Of Night
075-Traumer-Carry On (Angra Cover)
076-Twilight Force-Riders of the Dawn
077-Wizard-Call to the dragon
078-Blind Guardian-When Sorrow Sang
079-Civil War-Tombstone
080-Dreamtale-Moral Messiah
081-Dungeon-The Final Chapter
082-Freedom Call-Riders In The Sky
083-HammerFall-The Star Of Home
085-Hansen & Friends-Follow The Sun
086-JBO-Wir ham ne Party
087-Lordi-None For One
088-Manowar-Fight Until We Die
089-Powerwolf-Vampires Don't Die
090-Seenbreed-Book Of Life
091-Storyteller-Watcher In The Deep
092-Titanium-The Way Of The White Flag
093-Twins Crew-Show No Mercy
094-Wings of Destiny-United We Stand
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